September 29, 2007

A Dream Come True: The XBOX 360 Price Drop

The XBOX 360 is a remarkable piece of gaming machinery that happens to come at a remarkable price of $399. $399 dollars for a video game system sounds a bit expensive, doesn't it? Well, lots of people still think so, which is exactly what is keeping them from enjoying the gaming power house that is an X-box 360. But that has now changed (hopefully) with the announcement of an XBOX 360 Price Drop.

In light of the Playstation 3 price, a whooping $499 (recently reduced from $599), the XBOX 360 does seem to be slightly more obtainable. However, that doesn't change the fact that it is still expensive and some people just can't afford it. Therefore, in an effort to make it more affordable and spread the XBOX 360 joy this holiday season, Microsoft has reduced 360 prices by $50. Here's the Break Down of the Price Reductions, which went into effect August 8th:

Premium Package (20-gig hard drive, component video cables, and a wireless controller) went from $399 to $349. $50 Savings
The Elite (120-gig hard drive, black casing and HDMI output) went from $479 to $449. A slightly Smaller $30 savings.
The Core system (no hard drive, wired controller) went from $299 to $279. Smallest Savings of $20.

This price drop was basically an answer to Sony's PS3 price drop, which lowered it's premium PS3 package from $599 to $499. Aside from that obvious motive, the 360 price drop also coincides with the release of "Madden NFL 2008", which starts the line up of the 2007 holiday season. This is no ordinary video game line up either. The XBOX 360 line up of '07 is, supposedly, going to be the best in video game history; and that's not a giant ego talking, that's the complete truth.

Don't believe it? Then take a moment and look up the games that are coming out in the next few months; from August on. See any 360 titles that you want to get your hands on? How many of them make your wallet ache; simply because you know you're going to buy them right when they come out? Well, if you didn't see at least 5 great xbox360 titles, then you are looking in the wrong place.

Here are just a Few of the Sure-Fire Hits Being Released In the Upcoming Months.
BioShock- 8/20

Blue Dragon- 8/28

Stranglehold- 9/7

Halo 3- 9/25

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock- 10/23

Conan- 10/25

Jericho- 10/25

Blacksite: Area 51- 11/7

Call of Duty 4- 11/7

Assassin's Creed- 11/15

Army of Two- 11/15

Mass Effect- 11/30

And So Many More!!

Did you see all the titles in that list? Now you should understand why Microsoft is confident with their price drop. The price drop alone is enough to get people interested in buying the XBOX 360. However, if you combine that with the best gaming line up in video game history, you'll have yourself one hell of a profit explosion. The people over at Microsoft clearly know what they're doing.

An Award Winning Line Up for the XBOX 360

As you know, the XBOX 360 and the PS3 are going head to head for the gaming gold. You could even say that the Wii has a strong foothold in the fight and could wind up passing both of them in the long run. But whatever your opinion might be, one fact remains: The XBOX 360 has got one hell of a line up for the remaining months of 2007.

Here are just a few of the awesome titles that are coming out or have already been released:

BioShock (Released in August)
A FPS Shooter truly Like no other. BioShock breaks the mold and throws out the whole running & gunning FPS concept. Instead of following the crowd, the people at "Take Two" have brought gamers a story like no other, gameplay that will blow you away, action too intense for the wannabe gamer, and graphics that even give "Gears of War" a run for it's money. Just take a look at some of the critics ratings and see for yourself!

Mass Effect (Due To Release In November)
This RPG is going to raise the bar for all future RPGs. Bioware, the creators of KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic), are at it again. This time it is with Mass Effect, a sci-fi action RPG that combines real-time combat with classic RPG elements. If you are not a fan of RPGs or games that are filled with hours upon hours of extra gameplay, amazing action at every turn, choices that effect in-game events, and fantastic graphics, then this game might not be for you. This has “Game of the Year” written all over it.

Assassin's Creed (Due To Release In November)
Gamers have been waiting for a true assassins game for a very long time, and now, they are going to get one. Instead of changing your clothes & identity, using pistols & machines guns, and hiding in dark corners, players will now walk freely in the streets and wield an arsenal of “concealed” medieval weapons. This is called "Crowd Stealth" and plays completely different than the standard "hide & seek" maneuvers. And in this case, different = A LOT BETTER! Not only that, but players will also be able to free roam on a massive scale and do things they never thought possible in a video game. If it weren't for the already outstanding fall/winter line up that the XBOX360 has, this game would be a shoo-in for game of the Year.

StrangleHold (Released in September)
This is an Action Packed third person shooter that follows up on the movie "Hard Boiled", by John Woo. This game has you sliding over counter-tops, gliding around on rolling carts, jumping off walls, sliding down railings, leaping through rooms, and running up dinosaur exhibits, all while firing barrages of bullets at your enemies in an attempt to kill them all before they kill you. Everything (EVERYTHING!) is destructible and Ammo is in no short supply. Combine all that with Tequila Time (slo-mo) special moves and awesome graphics and you have one hell of a great action game for the XBOX 360.

Blue Dragon (Released in August)
There are two sides to the RPG spectrum: serious RPG games and cartoon-y anime based ones. If Mass Effect is the serious RPG of 07, then Blue Dragon is definitely the anime one. But luckily, it's cartoon-y anime style does not subtract from it's fun. If anything, it actually adds that "x" factor to the game and makes it even more enjoyable.

Blue Dragon is truly a massive game (3 discs) that lets the player do whatever he/she wants. Unlike Mass Effect, this game is a classic RPG with the combat being turn based instead of real-time; and that is actually what gives Blue Dragon it's appeal. It's not hard to see that this is Microsoft's answer to Final Fantasy; so it's guaranteed to turn a few heads.

Create your own combat styles, make your own choices (which will effect the world around you), and take part in your very own adventure with "Blue Dragon", an Xbox-360 Exclusive.

Skate (Released in September)
We've all heard of Tony Hawk and his skateboarding video games, as they have been appearing on our consoles for more then 7 years now. However, Skate is not even remotely similar to the Tony Hawk franchise. Instead of being a mindless button smashing, highest score whore, like the Tony Hawk franchise, "Skate" brings a new level of skill to the skateboarding game genre. Each move that is completed gives the player a sense of accomplishment and each move that is failed forces the player to consider what he did wrong; as opposed to how many times he did or did not hit a specific button.

You've undoubtedly seen good graphics & physics from skateboarding games before, but these will blow you away. "Skate" could very likely raise the bar for all future skateboarding games.

And of Course....The Champion of Champions....

Halo 3 (Released in September)
If you're a gamer and you don't know what Halo is, well, then you're really not a gamer. Halo 3 needs no introductions, nor does it need any relentless fan boasting. Quite Honestly, the game can easily sell itself. The past 2 Halo games have been awesome hits and the third one is guaranteed to be an even bigger success. Why? Because it has more story, more weapons, more vehicles, more enemies, more features, more multiplayer matches, more explosions, more, more, more, more, more! Halo 3 Just Has More!

This year will definitely belong to the XBOX 360. Why? Simply because many of those game releases are 360 exclusives; which basically means that the PS3 has been left high and dry for the year of 2007. The past two years of XBOX-360 goodness have been nothing to complain about, but this is the year when the 360 rips the gaming world a new one and shows us all what it can really do!