November 22, 2007

Video Game Testing- Can You Make It as a Video Game Tester?

A lot of people fantasize about starting a video game tester career. They might have seen some over-hyped advertisement on the Internet saying they can make $300 an hour of playing video games in your underwear. But is this true? Why would companies pay people to play video games?

In this article, I will tell you exactly why game developers pay good money to video game testers, which should show you the true possibilities of a video game tester career.

First, let's consider the facts -- the gaming industry makes a lot of money every year, $50 billion to be exact. That's a lot of money at stake. Now that you know that, I want you to imagine what would happen if you released a video game that generated $2 million in income for your esteemed company. However, only a week after releasing the game, there was a serious flaw found in the game, which no one spotted before the game's release. As a result, many gamers were angered and wanted an immediate refund.

The outcome? You lose all kinds of sales and investors will not be as confident in your company as they once were; plus, many of the companies employees will begin losing their jobs at an alarming rate. That's not all; it gets worse. If you were the gamer, would you willingly buy from a company again, knowing that games they released in the past crashed and were unplayable? Or, are you more likely to tell your friends and family how horrible the game, and the company that made it, is?

Basically, the point is, one single glitch can end up costing a company millions & millions of dollars. If the company was depending on the success of the game, everything will be a downward spiral from then on, generally speaking of course. Budget cuts, investors pulling out, mass employee layoffs, and possibly an entire company shutdown if nothing changes. And to think, all of this from a single glitch in a single video game.

Luckily though, this can all be avoided by sending the game out to multiple video game testers; as this will ensure that there are virtually no bugs in the game before it is released to the public. Because of this fact, it is very possible to earn a high-paying career as a video game tester. Think about it, the above scenario would happen to every game company if there were no reliable video game testers.

Another reason that video game tester careers are available is because companies want accurate feedback on their games. Let's say you designed an online game that had all these great features and offered all sorts of advantages that your competitors didn't. The only problem, though, it's too complicated and confusing for the player to get into. You can fix this problem by sending it out to reputable video game testers, taking their feedback, and tweaking the interface until it is both easy to use and still holds all those great features.

The fact in the matter is that the basic programmer has so many things they have to keep track of that they can NOT catch all, or even half, of the glitches in the video game. Remember, they approach games from a programming standpoint, not from a gamers point of view.

With all these facts in mind, isn't it time you pursued a career as a video game tester? If you're a serious gamer, you should, at the very least, investigate video game testing jobs further. After all, you could be just what the gaming companies are looking for.

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