December 13, 2007

The Best XBOX 360 Games For This Holiday Season

Woo wee. There is definitely one hell of an xbox 360 video game line up this year and no gamer can say otherwise. The XBOX 360 may have shown us what it is capable of in the last few years, but this year is a whole new game in a whole new ball park; and from the looks of things, the 360 has already hit a few grand slams.

Although there will likely be the usual amount of cheap xbox 360 games this holiday season, there will also be double the amount of great games and 360 exclusives. In the past 3 months, gamers have witnessed some truly revolutionary video games and it only promises to get better in the upcoming weeks. 360 owners are truly jumping for joy this year, as it is unmistakably clear that they picked the winning "next-gen" console and are being greatly rewarded for their decision. Don't believe it? Well then, just take a look at some of the best xbox 360 games that will be available this holiday season. And remember, this is just a small taste of what is to come...

BioShock (XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE)- Right when the game is turned on, the player is thrown into a sci-fi world that is unlike any other. In a city under the sea, a madman has developed new technology that turns ordinary people into monsters with only one thing in mind, the collection of ADAM. From the moment you enter the city of rapture, you're breathless from the all too stunning scenery and mystified at what seems to be a garden of eden turned into a level of hell. Gameplay, action, and graphics galore; when you play this game, you'll scream for more! Gamespot: 9/10 -- GameSpy: 5/5 -- IGN: 9.7/10

Halo 3 (xbox360 EXCLUSIVE)- The final installment in a masterful, widely renown, and ever so popular video game trilogy. Every “true” gamer knows of Halo and how epic the story and action of this franchise is. From beginning to end, it's an action packed adventure that leaves the player hanging on the edge of his seat. Whether it be from the single player campaign or the intense multiplayer combat, this game never ceases to amaze and it never ceases to be fun. This is a must have game for any & every XBOX 360 owner. Gamespot: 9.5/10 -- GameSpy: 5/5 -- IGN: 9.5/10

Assassins Creed- A tried & true assassins video game for the ages. No guns, no disguises, no money, just pure action and fun. Assassins Creed takes place in a time long, long ago, where the leaders of the world are waring against each other. To stop this war and restore some level of peace, Altair, a master assassin stripped of his rank, must eliminate these influential leaders if he ever intends to get back his honor and his ranking. Assassins Creed is one of the best XBOX 360 games to date, and it is one that dazzles the player with outstanding gameplay and even better graphics. Plenty of story depth and plenty of interesting twists and turns. This is definitely a game worth owning. Gamespot: 9/10 -- GT: 9/10

Mass Effect (XBOX-360 EXCLUSIVE)- A game that is selling XBOX360 consoles all on it's own. Mass Effect is one of the best XBOX 360 RPG games that gamers have seen in a long, long time. If it wasn't for the other great titles out this holiday season, Mass Effect would be getting all the attention and all the praise.

Mass Effect, a game of epic RPG proportions, launches the player into a futuristic world where human beings live side-by-side with other aliens species. The relationship may not be entirely friendly, but it is relatively peaceful to say the least. However, it isn't long before that peace is broken and things start coming undone. A rogue “Turian” agent has aligned himself with a robotic species and has begun attacking colonies throughout citadel space. His real motive is unknown, but it isn't long before the big picture materializes, revealing that it isn't a few space colonies that are at risk, it's every living thing in the universe! Gamespot: 8.5/10 -- GameSpy: 5/5 -- IGN: 9.4/10

These are only 4 of the best xbox 360 games that have been released; there are many, many more. And as if there already wasn't enough to go around, in the upcoming months gamers will have "Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom," "Devil May Cry 4" (you heard correct, Devil May Cry is coming to the XBOX 360), "Turok," "Frontlines: Fuel of War," "Condemned 2: Bloodshot," "Dark Sector," "Grand Theft Auto IV," and countless other spectacular titles.

The holiday season of 2007 is the best possible time to be a gamer, period. When you mix the best xbox 360 games with barrels of holiday cheer & family fun, how can you go wrong?

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