December 02, 2007

Video Game Tester Jobs- A Simple Way to Get Paid to Pay Video Games from Home

Remember when you were a little kid and people would criticize you for playing too many video games. Well, now it's time to laugh in their face. With years of being a dedicated gamer, you have, in retrospect, grown your gaming skill level to epic proportions. Because of this, you are now very good at playing many different types of video game, which thereby means you're a perfect candidate for a video game tester job.

Here's basically how a video game tester gets paid to play video games at home. First, the company that hired him will send a video game with an attached assignment to it in the mail. Also included is a form the gamer must fill out after they complete their assignment. Second, they test the game thoroughly and according to given instructions. Third, they make their bug/glitch report and then mail it back to the company. 4th, they wait patiently and receive their video game tester check 1-2 weeks later. Generally speaking, thats how the process works from start to finish.

Game testers may be paid by the hour or by the project, depending on the developer whom hired them. They go to work on the game with a keen eye for the details. Their primary objective is to find out if everything is working like it's supposed to be. They might notice something that is out of place; such as a wall is missing in a room. They will take note of this on the form and accurately detail what they saw, or in this case "didn't see". A quick and accurate description may be something similar to this: "wall missing on level 3 in Chapter 5. First room to the right when entering the area (the room that the 3 guards come from)"

After they finish their assignment and complete the bug/glitch report form, they will send it to the video game company. The video game companies will read this report and be able to quickly find the glitches or bugs that were found. Once they do, they will update the game and fix those problems immediately. In these later stages of game developments, most glitches are minor and typically missed by programmers; which is why developers bring on video game testers to get the job done. But then again, occasionally they're major problems that the programmers just missed. For instance, every time your character jumps, the game freezes instantly. How catastrophic do you think that would be for a company if they were to release a game like that? A single glitch like this could turn a game from "outstanding" to "what a piece of junk!" in the blink of an eye. Game developers simply can't put all their hopes into programmers; they NEED professional video game testers.

When a game tester has completed his assignment, the game company will send him a check in the mail. After that, he'll just wait for the next assignment to come in and repeat the process.

How much can you make playing video games from home? Well, It depends on a few things. For instance, the longer you've been a game tester, the more money you can make and the more video game tester jobs you can get. With time, comes experience; and with experience, comes a greater demand fro your testing abilities. Not to mention, your determination will play a large part in how much money you ultimately make. If you sit around and do nothing, you'll get nothing. If you put forth an honest and hardworking effort, then your video game testing career will pay off big time, guaranteed.

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